A little story which shows just why I should not drink

4 thoughts on “A little story which shows just why I should not drink”

  1. Hey sean..man u had me laughing through that!! I remember lookin over at you throwin the sugar n just kinda wishin you weren’t so wrecked cos you were just makin people judge you, n I didnt like the thoughts of people doin that..But I was in the midst of my no alcohol for 6 months at that time, so I didnt even have a hangover. I remember through the night wishin I was drinkin, but the next day, I was glad that I hadnt!! So youre exocisin your drink demons through the power of spoken word eh?..you’ll be a while wah?! ha! just kiddin. I like your haircut : ) Im really proud of all that youre doin. Luis is trying to be sober..since january n Its as you say, a struggle. especially for people like you and him who could party for days and days and days.. Life is easy and life is hard, and its the melting of it altogether that makes for crazy, calm, wonderful, wild and invigorating moments…May you keep on gettin stronger and stronger dear brother. (bombom enroute our way wah..we’re all really lookin forward to a blast of his great energy and the bang off his feet)
    xx v xx

  2. Nice one V
    I was putting myself up there to be judged and I have no one to blame except for myself – I suppose I’m exorcising my daemons through the spoken and written word – it’s all I have left!! And there are a few beauty stories to follow…thanks for your thoughts and comments – I appreciate them…
    Get Luis to log on and subscribe and have a waffle online with me – he could do with all the help he can get I’m sure
    Yeah, they finally caught the Red Lad. Sad really, but it was only a matter of time. You’s’ll have some buzz with that bollix back in town…

    Hope you’re getting there too darlin – it’s a great journey and will be great to see you’s all in a few months

    Slan agus beannacht

  3. Reminds me of another wedding story involving you… I’ll send you on the photos if you’d like to illustrate exactly what happened… 🙂


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