At the Top of a Volcano in Nicaragua

After my last blog about excuses, I suppose it would be a bit rich to list some now as to why it has been 3 weeks since my last blog!? I have been moving from Nicaragua through Honduras and over to the Carribean where I am now staying on an Island called Utila – tropical lushness…it is a hard life for some! I have also been working hard on a new website which should be out in the next week or two..will let everyone know when it is ready. I have a few blogs almost finished about being sober and picking up women and will also been posting one which will compare my time on this small Island, to a time when I was a drunken maniac living and working on the beautiful Island of Skala in Greece some ten years ago. Some funny yarns in there! This week I am putting up a quick video I did on top of a volcano in Ometepe in Nicaragua. This is an Island with two volcanos on it in the centre of a lake in the middle of the country – a really way back place, with a lovely wibe. The sound is shi’ite so apologies in advance. Best of luck to the Dubs on sunday. I have such sickening memories of that semi against Mayo back in 2006. Retribution time I hope.


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