Beautiful Thoughts

This post is a little random today. I include it because my sister Ellen quoted me a poem I wrote, which she sent back to me last week when I was feeling down. I was really touched by this and it cheered me up no end. The essence of the poem is that life is a mess, turns out in a way you never considered possible, but also that no matter what happens you have to stay positive and look at the bright side. We all have a dance to dance and a reason to live. It may not be what you thought, but you still have to get involved. Turn off your TV and start living. The picture below is my nephew Sean (Ellen’s son), crying his eyeballs out, being cradled by The Music Group “Hypnotic Brass Ensemble”. Kinda suits the poem methinks.

Beautiful Thoughts

Sometimes the people you have known and the places you have been

Seem like they’ve never grown into the images you dream

While you look for blackened beauty, they smile the light of day

And a chorus tries to sing you all the words we never say.

Take people by the hand then go speak the dumbed down word

Lead a life you never planned man be no dead monkey in the herd

For if you follow all the beaten tracks you’ll end up at the same

And if you don’t know where you’re going then you’ll have no one to blame.

We are not invincible or divisible or flat invisible.

We are free to be the dreamers or the cynics that we want

But you should situate the streamers of yourself before you can’t

Pass on pride and pass on love and goodwill as you go

Don’t be afraid to be afraid or say that it ain’t so.

Money burns a hole inside where laughter never could

Talk and think and poetise no tv’ll say you should.

We are not invincible or divisible or flat invisible.

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