Boring Sobriety

Jesus. Bloggers. What a shower we are. With our daily, weekly or otherwise challenges. Point to note: no one gives a monkeys what you do! All these proclamations of this, that and the other. Read the news – no one cares!

Except for the fans of course. And the people who want to be bloggers. And your mother, if she remembers you still have the blog.

So my challenge this year is to write once a week for Sober Paddy, twice a week for Five Point Five and some guest blogs for other sites thrown in. On top of that there is the book I am working on which requires 3,000 words per week. Ahem.

Being sober is so boring that balancing an egg is exciting
Being sober is so boring that balancing an egg is exciting

So what is this blog about? Is it a blog about blogging itself? Is this an artistic moment, a lazy moment or a moment of clarity for those of you who check in here from time to time?

All of the above.

Here is why blogging is good when it is regular – it means that people  who need or want to hear your thoughts get to hear them. Sounds simple huh? But let me explain.

I have been lost in translation. I have been side tracked in the quagmire that is day to day. It is tough to be so focused as one needs to be, to be a regular.

nice drink twisted up
No drinkies for you Mr. Bore


This blog began to chart my story with drinking and help me stay sober. This it has done and in more ways than one. It has opened up my eyes to myself, to the world and to the nature of my beast.

So any of you who do have drinking problems, know this: it will get better if you make it better. It gets easier, if you make it get easier.

And the first step for anything like that is to get them mental, deranged, obnoxious, cynical and drunken thoughts out of your head, out of a glass, out of a pub and into a different reality.

That different reality for me was here. In my gentle words. In my scribbles and waffling where I am master of all that is and is not. Control. Yes, control..that is what I have here.

So go fuck yourself if you can’t get your head around that. And if you can, then welcome and enjoy the party. The sober party.

Watched the Wolf of Wall Street last night and Di Caprio has a great line when he is talking to his buddy (Jonah Hill) towards the end of the movie…

“What’s it like being sober? I just can’t imagine it…” his buddy asks him…

“It’s fucking boring, so fucking boring..”

Ha!! Boring is the truth. No more madness, no depraved weekends and no more deliriously rambled mistakes. No more injuries, fights, mayhem and violence. No more irreconcilable differences with people you thought loved you. That’s just the way it goes.

I love the boredom. Give it to me world.

Give me all you can fucking spare.

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