From GAA to Global Warming

It’s a wet week after the finals of the GAA championships on the Island of Ireland. Glorious victories for Dublin and Clare played out in perfect autumnal weather. Soft sun, still air and a gentle give in the turf led to some ferocious battles of true modern day warriors.

Watching the games from Hotel lobbies in Peru and Bolivia, one could imagine Ireland as some kind of warm European country. The blue skies and short shorts make for tantalising viewing.

clare champions

 Jaysus, global warming ha? Bring it on says you.

And a few days ago we did have a blast from the respected scientists of the world. The world is in bits, heating up, melting and these gentlemen of the fine white coats are 95% sure we are all responsible.

This got me thinking. And I did a little delving.

You see, I was seeing all these blabbering PR feicers filling the news feeds of the world with all this stuff about Global Warming this and Ice Caps melting that.

It sounded horrendous. It sounded like yer man Senior Apocalypse was coming ‘round the corner on his big fat horse. It sounded like there is some serious trouble ahead.

So I looked at the facts

They said the world has been warming for the past three decades and it is projected according to their super computers, that it is going to get even hotter (Bring it on says Ireland)

–          But when you look at the details of their report, it is shown that the globe has been cooling for the last 17 years!

They said that the polar ice caps are melting at a rate which is going to see whole countries swamped if we don’t get a handle on it.

–          Yet the North Pole and the Antarctic both recorded their biggest freezes ever this year.

Now, you can call me a crazy ould bollix, but when the two main points this group make turn out to be false, then I get to worrying about their agendas.

Why should you care?

Here’s the way I see it. Most people believe there is a problem with how we treat the world – pollution, environmental damage and plastics running amok. It is good that people care. It is worth doing a little bit to try and change that. It is worth improving the conditions so that you and your loved ones around you can live in good, clean planet Earth.

Most people will read the headlines and agree –

“Well, if all these international scientists agree, then we should do something to stop the pollution and the greenhouse gases.”

And that seems like an acceptable opinion. And you might have it because you care – you care about your family and friends and your future.

But here’s the thing – these scientists are making things up. Their facts say one thing and their PR and press releases say another.

crazy scientist

Why in God’s name would these scientists make stuff up?

There is only one reason why these scientists are saying these things and one reason only


Now, at this stage you are perfectly entitled to call me call me conspiratorial. You can call me delusional and paranoid. But your name calling would be misdirected and inaccurate.

Let me ask you a question.

What solutions have you heard from this body of scientists (known as the IPCC) or from any of the government officials who represent this group, which does not include a Carbon Tax?

The answer is none. Zero. Their solution to this problem is to tax industries which produce carbon dioxide. Be so very assured fellow citizen of the world, that all these taxes will be passed onto you, the gentle consumer.

But I thought CO2 causes greenhouse gases and global warming?

I am not a scientist, but I do know these facts. Or I am at least 95% sure they hold true, which seems to be good enough for most people these days.

–          CO2 is what trees breathe. This in turn creates O2, which all us magic humans breathe. Great! More of that please..

–          CO2 is responsible for 15% of Greenhouse Gases. Ladies and gentlemen the majority of greenhouse gas is made up of water vapour – AKA our friend Mr. Cloud.

So yes, CO2 is responsible for a small percentage of the gases which keeps heat on the earth. But only a small percentage. The kind of increase we are seeing in CO2 emissions from global industries has a miniscule affect on the global temperature.

Here is a simple calculation. CO2 emissions increase by 20% (an extremely high figure). 20% of 15% (percentage of CO2 responsible for Greenhouse Gases) is a paltry 3%. Say our average worldwide temperature is 20 Celcius. This results in a change of just over half a degree celcius.

Guess what?

Since scientists have been measuring the changes in the average temperature of the earth, the average temperature has changed by LESS THAN ONE DEGREE.

hot sun

So what does cause the heating and cooling of the globe?

The Sun. The Sun. The Sun.

Just in case you forget, we live on a tiny piece of pebble that orbits a gigantic ball of fire which heats us up from millions and millions of miles away. This sun changes its temperature according to the sun spots and trajectory of our little rock as it orbits.

We are at its mercy. Do not feel guilty about this.

What can you do if you do care about the world and want a good future for your kids?

–          Plant trees

–          Eat organic

–          Recyle

–          Promote parks and activity

–          Be healthy

–          Grow your own food

–          Eat less meat

What not to believe

If you think humans are responsible for global warming which has been proven not to exist, then this does not make you an “environmentalist” or someone who cares.

It just means you believe a story.

Don’t believe the hype.

The next time you hear about global warming remember that the very people who are telling you the world IS getting warmer, just issued a report which shows that for the last TWO DECADES, the world HAS BEEN COOLING. And next time you hear something about carbon tax, think to yourself “This is not good”.

When the governments start planting trees, stopping nuclear power, taxing us less, banning GMO foods, using only solar power THEN we will know they are serious about this. Otherwise it is just a ruse, a misdirected reality proposed by Globalist Elites to have more control and more taxes.

Don’t fall for it.

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