3 thoughts on “Honesty”

  1. oh man, that was funny..i love that america story!! if nothin else sean you keep us all entertained with your shenanigans..past, present, and probably future..like a true Irish man…(but what is that u ponder..ach pish posh t’that question!!) Heres to you findin peace : ) xxx

  2. Hey V
    At least you’re getting a laugh out of it all still – lots of classic stories, but I have to be careful about who else I incriminate in them!!
    What is it indeed to be Irish ha? And male????
    It’s a ponderous question alright…..

  3. passport ?? australia ???

    ha ha ha, classic lennyisms!!

    that is a ponderous question…. what is it to be an irish male ???

    as i always say theres no point in being irish in ireland!!!

    ; )

    once you know that its a work in progress and your on the right path, thats half the battle,
    dont have a breeze what the other half is though!!


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