How to make money in a recession

I know that a lot of you out there are looking for ways to make money. Everyone wants to know how to get rich. Well, The Sober Paddy knows the answer. I have been studying the global situation and have been analysing trends and what is going to happen. There is one piece of advice I have for anyone who has any money saved up anywhere in the world and wants to know what to do with it – BUY GOLD! This may not seem like the most revolutionary thought. But there is no money in Real Estate. Stocks are a no go as the economies of the world collapse. Once the South Americans and Australians finish digging up and selling their resources to the Chinese, then the world is going to grindingly crunch to a shuddering halt.

If you live in the U.S or Europe you will no doubt have heard about the central banks bailing out the banks and the tax payers of the countries being left to foot the bill. I never really thought about it until just last night when it dawned on me what is really going on. The Banks lend money to the Governments who are the most suitably suitable candidates on the globe to give $$$ to – they have millions to pay the bills – YOU the taxpayer. When you hear about more bailouts, that means that the banks are flooding more governments with MORE paper money. While they dress it up as being a necessity and the only way to do business, it serves to do one thing – devalue the value of the EURO and the dollar. Which means that as this keeps happening, the price of gold will continue to rise. If you own gold, you make more money – simple. It also means more austerity measures and higher taxes and MORE government intervention, but that is another matter.

When the Great Depression occurred in the 1930’s, gold soared in value. Same in the 70’s and 80’s.After the next major crash in 2008 we had another massive jump in the price of gold, from approx $700 an ounce to $1750 where it sits today. There is no sign of the value of gold dropping. In fact, it is a sure thing to keep increasing in value. Some of the heavy thinkers about the state of the globe believe that we are about to enter the Greatest Depression of them all. As the Fiat Currency system flails and dies, another one backed by either Gold or Silver will rise from the ashes. If this happens, then the value of Gold and Silver will rise. If somehow the powers in power maintain their stranglehold over the billions of the planet under their financial control, then the price of gold will keep rising as more and more currency floods the world.

Making money in a recession is not easy. I live in one of the only countries in the world where the economy is bouncing along nicely. Before anyone thinks that there is some different thinking in Australia, or that the leaders are business geniuses, they are pretty much following the lead of the Irish politicians in the time of the Celtic Tiger – they are profoundly lucky. Just as the gombeens in charge of Ireland 10 years ago could not believe their luck when the Central Bank made them sign up for billions and billions of Euro loans so they could build as much useless shite as they could conceivably conceive, the Aussie leaders currently are speechless with unadulterated joy, shining in the splendour of their own luckiness, as they relentlessly dig up their massive red desert and sell what’s in the ground to the them Chinese.

The more I think about the current state of the world the more sober I become. It is mind boggling how close we are to the precipice of impending doom. But in a strange way, being so close to ruin and slavery gives us the utmost motivation to cast down the shackles and consider the options we have. The mainstream media are feeding you lies and if you listen to them you will end up deranged with programming, servitude and numbness. The majority of politicians are chained to the system and will spin you every lie and trample over new born babies to get themselves back in the hot seat. And as for the bankers well, at least they never promised us anything. We have always known they were in it for themselves. So here is my advice to you. Take all your savings or borrow as much money as you can and buy gold. Physical gold and Gold stock companies are the go. Take you and your family and move somewhere like Thailand or Africa. Use what’s left of your cash or the money you have now robbed off the bank to live and set up a business. Sit back and enjoy life as the world spirals in to madness and economic chaos. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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  1. A mate of mine over here in the States has got rid of all the stocks in his portfoliio and changed them all to gold, against the advice of his financial advisor. He has been on my back to do it for the last eighteen months. While his wife’s portfolio has devalued by about 30% in the last year and a half (she didn’t change to gold), his has continued to increase over the same period. Maybe your not mad after all.

  2. Gold has risen steadily in value over the last 12 months and will continue to do so. It is worth 12.5% more now than what is was 12 months ago. Rest assured that the same will happen in the next 12 months, but expect even more of an increase. The biggest crash of them all is coming in the next 6 months. I hope you diversify your own portfolio Rob – will be the best decision you ever make. But I could be mad still too!


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