If one of us goes to war…we all go to war

I have spoken to a lot of people about this new tax being imposed on the Irish people: The Tax on Water. The majority of people who are in regular and well paying jobs have no objections to it. They don’t. They agree that water should be paid for. That water needs to be paid for. The small impact it will make on their yearly salaries is minimal. So they don’t have any moral objections.

They ignore the fact that water is a basic human right. It should be available to every single person on this wet little island on the North West of Europe. They ignore the fact that a very small increase in expenditure means a huge difference to people who are on welfare, pensions and minimum wage. They ignore the fact that water should be freely available to everybody.

Some people have said to me, “Ah sure, it’s what they do in England and in Germany and the likes”. Well so fucking what I say to them? Which other country in Europe has bailed out the banks like Ireland? Which other country is towing the line according to the dictates’ of the IMF and the ECB like we are here? Let me tell you who is…NOBODY.


Let us get something straight here. Water doesn’t grow on trees. It doesn’t. Even if it did grow on trees it would have to be harvested, and that would cost money. No, water drops from the sky. It falls into our rivers and our lakes and we harvest it there. This costs money to do. Sure. Of course it does. So water should be paid for. Who should pay for it?

Well, the people of Ireland should pay for it through taxes. Yes, we should be paying taxes to live here and these taxes should cover the basics. Water is one of those basics. Income tax, VAT and all the other slimy stealth taxes this over governed land contains should be able to provide for water for each and every citizen in this country.

Let me tell you something…I am angry. I feel rage at this. I am fucking angry at the apathy, the smugness and the gormless lack of interest being shown in this. There are people on the fucking POVERTY line who WILL NOT be able to eat or power their homes because of this. Yet people are too egotistical to notice. The attitudes of the Celtic Tiger are still well and truly alive. Pathetic.

Some people think this is some kind of brainwave the Irish government have had. It is not. It is a classic manoeuvre of the IMF and World Bank. Extend credit, pull back credit…can’t pay us back? Ok then, let’s privatise everything and sell it to our mates. This has been going on in Latin America and Africa for 50 years. This is fact. And now it is happening in Ireland and people are too lazy to think for themselves, too scared to stand up to it and too ignorant to know what is going on.


It is a sad state of affairs in this land. The land of rebels and renegades my big fat hairy bollix. There is more resistance in an elastic band. There is more interest in Ireland in Conor Mc Gregor then in any kind of political outrage. He said it himself at the weekend: “When one of us goes to war, we all go to war”. We all like to read that about ourselves, coming from our modern day hero. We love to think  about the blazing heroism Conor thinks we all have. Well let me tell you, it is a figment of his imagination. We have become an obsequious shower of pussies who give the colour yellow a bad name.

Let me tell you something. If you have read this far and you are still sitting there with a smug know it all grin on your face then you should go and fuck yourself slowly in the mirror. Every single person in Ireland should unite on this. Fuck the government and their nonsense. Who the fuck do they think they are…selling Irish water to a private company? Who gives them the right to be selling our future to into the hands of some technocrats who will ring it for every cent they can scrounge?

I’ll tell you who does: The same people who gave us the right to sit around and do nothing.

I am calling on each and every one of you who read this to do something. It is a simple something. There is a march on Saturday the 11th of October at 2pm which will begin in the Garden of Remembrance. Come down. Come down and support the people who need support. Come down and walk with people who are fighting for the rights of every one of us. Don’t wait for someone else to tell you to do it. Just come along and be part of a movement. It is your moral duty to stand up for your fellow citizens of Ireland.

Let us deliver a massive message to these half witted gombeens running this country.

If one of us goes to war….


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