Interview with Aslan lead singer Christy Dignam

I caught up with Christy Dignam, lead singer of Irish Rock band Aslan, when he was on tour in Sydney recently. He shared his thoughts on being sober and how it has affected his music, his life and his attitude to life. He talks about his desire to be a rock and roll star, shooting heroin into his neck and how he deals with day to day sober living now.

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  1. Very well done. It’s funny, I’m teaching a class called broadcast journalism this year and I had a reporter in for 2 days this week from FOX News (I hate FOX by the way but she does know her shit). She has covered I think 9 championship finals in all the pro sports here, including interviewing Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods etc. All the things you are doing are exactly what she told me. Sit forward, keep eye contact, add your own flavor, be enthusiastic, project your voice, be careful of wind outside, ask intelligent questions that get to the meat of the topic, frame the picture so there isn’t much unnecessary space in the video. I’d give you an A if you were in my class!

    I’d love to show this to my class but I don’t think sheltered 14 year old suburbanites are ready for Christy yet (their parents anyways). I’m not permanent yet unfortunately so gotta be careful. They wouldn’t appreciate “Ballinasloe in the pissin rain” anyways – gotta love it. Anyways, keep up the good fight bro. I love what your doing and sorry I don’t comment every time. Peace out!

  2. Blood brother
    Thanks for the words bro. It’s funny that you are teaching this after all these years – I get a real kick out of chatting to people and Christy has some story to tell – he was very easy to interview. I’m gonna try to get more and more of this on the site and try to get more into the journo style of things…might have to come over and do a crash course with you when I’m next in the states!!

    You couldn’t script “Balinasloe in the pissons of rain”. True gold if you ask me…
    Will chat to you soon cuz
    Keep her lit a chara

  3. Indi
    Was talking about you on the radio interview with them – told them you were at the last gig and were impressed with them!!
    Headin to the gig on sunday – should be a belter – oh to be a drunken Irish man for one night only!!!


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