Interview with Irish Comedian Rory O’Hanlon

I love funny comedians and Rory O’Hanlon is up there. He has a frank and observational style which highlights the absurdities of life in a refreshing and hilarious way. He is a funny guy and I recommend you get to see him at some stage.

Last year I saw him doing a gig at The Comedy Crunch in The Stag’s Head and I heard him mention that he doesn’t drink in one of his gags. I hung around like a creepy middle aged stalker to ask him after the show if this was true, or part of the act.

I was delighted to hear that it was true…he was and still is a sober man. Better still, he agreed to sit with me and chat about his motivations behind taking up sobriety. He is eloquent, honest and explains how being sober is a fundamental aspect of him living the dream.

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