Interview with Irish musican/actor/comedian Aindrias de Staic

  In this interview I chat with Irish musician/comedian Aindrias de Staic about his relationship with the booze. We talk about how his life has changed since he has given grog the kick and we get his take on all things creative and a little about his show “Anround the World on 80 quid”.

5 thoughts on “Interview with Irish musican/actor/comedian Aindrias de Staic”

  1. Brilliant intereview! I really enjoyed this.
    What a lovely guy. Very funny fella. I’d love to meet him!

    And what a great jumper!

    ‘Far from peppermint tea ye were raised indeed!”

  2. Indeed he is a very fine and funny fellow – went to his show and he is brilliant – singing and playing the fiddle and telling you a wild tale which moves at a hectic pace..

    Be Gosh I’m sure ye would get on like a house on fire…I’ll have to get yourselves in touch with each other

  3. Yet another fantastic interview! I really appreciate these interviews especially as I’m still in the early days. (100+ days). I’m loving being sober and to see others with some time under their belt is truly encouraging.

    Keep up the good work Lenny!



  4. Fair play to you Brett and I will be the first to admit that speaking to others really helps me too. It really is a one day at a time thing with a big picture in mind.

    Speaking to creative, productive, successfull and sober people is great insofar as it allows you to see, that no matter who you are or want to be, that you can do it without the hindrance of alcohol.

    Thanks for the comments.


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