Keep busy or face the consequences

In this video blog I chat briefly about the need to keep busy. I also touch on the theory that after 21 days of repeating something, it becomes habit. If you can repeat good habits, you’ll progress and can improve yourself to infinity and beyond…


5 thoughts on “Keep busy or face the consequences”

  1. was I the learn-erd person?

    janey I’m not showin this blog te Ma!

    I like the later part of your video. it’s very positive and funny! well done : )

  2. Hey Lar

    Nice one buddy…hope all is flyin well with ya


    You are always that learn -ed person, and sure never you worry about the oul wan, sure she wasn’t born yesterday! or was she?…..

  3. hehehe pickin your nose and throwin it at people for some reason conjured up an image of Maxi, and then Mr Hannon..both Gross really!!! words of wonderful reflection from me!! xx


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