Only Human

Stock takin

Law makin

Hold my balls they aint goin breakin

Full Fakin

Poise shakin

Detoxed like a homeless drunk forsaken


Topless winkin

Im sinkin

Rethinkin all the words Im sayin

Credits payin

Dragon slayin

Day out the night is all all along day in


Cant reach it

Must teach it
Feel the wrath of the songs you speaketh



Without degrees the angles elation


So ready

Rock steady

Drop the dead cat my name’s not Freddy


God dissenting

Unleash the nija whirl you’re venting


We’re only human

Just be a true man

With no delusion


Total crispy

Hair gone whispy

Eyes that sag and a mind gone thrifty


Full varnished

Dont make the first or last your last wish


Dishes dirty

So flirty

Wish I could be less than thirty

Age only

Makes lonely

The truth of all you could never really be


Rhyme broken

Soft spoken

Where there’s a will there’s a will but you’re only jokin


Disguised lies

Are more than the sum of all your hopin

Pitch’s ready

Ship’s steady

Inhumane the bitch goes He He

Diamonds too dear

Show no fear

Love the things you love and love them dear


We’re only human

Just be a true man

With no delusion


Im all around you

Like tofu

You can’t taste me but Im here like swine flu

It aint easy

I feel queasy

Pretty sure this world is crazy


So lazy

These days see

Could be more productive but Im reductive Si Si

No worries

Mc Flurries

Could be a hit but its mass production


My gumption

Is luncheon

To everything that keeps me revelling


This devil in

Side the body, the soul and Christ of me

No fallacy

No parody

No way to make you think the same as me

Cept marketin

And targetin

Weak eared whores who’ll soon be spending in

Your shop fronts

Dizzy old cunts

I understand it less and less with wild grunts


We’re only human just be a true man

With no delusion


Cant stop it

Try to pop it

Burns me up like a random rocket

Londons calling

Red balling

Bags you out when you know you’re falling

Freedom fighters

Cheap lighters

Burning out before they’ve wronged the writers
Of power

In this hour

Where freedom lies with those who write it


Its so shit

This last bit

But without an honest touch you’ve lost it

It’ll cost you

Some bad news

And you will reassess and trump your new and old views

Cocks hurtin

Re workin

Everything and everyone who’s spoutin

Loud mouthin

The dragons hid and the tigers crouching


We’re only human

Just be a true man

With no delusion


It takes time true

For what you do

To make you make the things you make new

Pidgeons cooing

Brains brewing

Without some thought you’re a zombie anyhoo




With the polished touch is a cool sensation


Piss creations

Falling up and down throughout the nations


Mind sodomy

Be the killer Bee

Without a sting you have no edge for me

Our time’s short

Wealths a closed court

Serving double faults to the soft sports


Dont dally now

Kiss the Hindu cow

Makle the most before you take your final bow

Im leaving

You’re grieving

Before I loved you more just couldnt show how


We’re only human

Just be a true man

With no delusion

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