Paddy’s day for Sober Paddy

2 thoughts on “Paddy’s day for Sober Paddy”

  1. good to see you sitting with your fizzy drink being you John. I admire your courage and your honesty. It’s going to be great, though I’m sure you know this already. I’ve had my drunken days … a long long time ago … and I’ve had my pulling away from my wild friends feeling quite isolated days … and now I’m enjoying what I like to call my ‘good clean fun’ life stage – heaps of fun, without any drugs or alcohol. It brings out the child in people, sparks up the joy we all possess, to spend time together doing silly things like going to dress up parties, playing board games, watching movies, walking the dog, in a clear state … and if I can’t find anyone to do good clean fun with me, I read my book and love my son and throw the stick for my dog some more (a very fun activity in itself) until more people emerge to play with me. Actually as I write this I realise what a huge journey it’s been for me in refusing to buy into the drug and alcohol scene any more (over the past decade). I like feeling soft and alive and creative and passionate – naturally. I feel powerful in the most sensitive way. I feel intuitive beyond belief. I feel soft and healthy in my heart. It’s wonderful to be me, just me.

  2. Thanks for your comments Charlotte
    You are a woman in a great place emotionally and very balanced and positive. You are a lovely example of how to be when not drinking. Many years ago my sister gave me a Chinese poem about life and death. In essence it said that when something is born, it is soft and supple and gentle, no matter what it is. As it grows it changes and ultimately as it approaches death it is hard and brittle and intransigeant. You know that you are more creative and alive without alcohol and drugs. For me they were turning me too hard too quickly, and they would ultimately have led to a quicker death.
    It’s great that you are just you and so happy. More power to you!


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