Pain in my ring

I have a pain in my ring. I suppose it could be construed as frustration. I am out of sorts and I can’t really put my finger on it. Well, that’s a bit of a porkie pie, I am angry at a few things. In the past at this stage I would be in the boozer telling all and sundry what I felt. But I won’t give myself the chance to get pissed. So I just try to deal with things as best I can and move on. So what’s eating the Sober Paddy?

The first is very sad news. Ozzy dog died today. He passed away after a short fiery battle with ill health. I first came to Australia in 1999. It was then my travel buddy Fran Daly took it upon himself to get Ozzy the dog. He was a lovely golden Labrador, the friendliest, cutest dog you have ever seen. He has been in my life for over ten years. We have lived together for many of those, in Ireland and here in OZ. He was loyal and loving and had amazing instincts. I spent many great times walking, running and swimming with him. He will be sorely missed. My thoughts go out to his master and his wife.

I’m not sure what sort of a blog this is going to be.

The second one is trite but true. My golf game is absolutely wretched. I swing the club like a shot putter on ketamine. There is more fluidity in a car crash. The best part of my game is when I hurl the club into the bushes. It is driving me nuts (no pun intended). I have been embarrassing myself the last few times I’ve been out and it just gets worse. It is meant to be a relaxing event, a time of serenity and skill. But alas it is a pile of schuttery dog shite. I am used to improving rapidly when I play games, but with golf there is no justice for brawn and aggression. It is a humbling, merciless mistress and it likes to punish.

If I still drank I would be so drunk right now.

The third thing is flipping poker. It is melting me. I am running so bad that I make the Pakistanis look like a nation of fortunates. I am constantly getting my money into the middle with the best hand and being outdrawn. It is happening over and over again and I just don’t think I can take much more. I think I’m just going to have to give it a rest or I will end up with claret fluid seeping from my ears and a laptop smashed into them little smithereens. Like last night I was playing a tournament and had gotten down to the last 300 or so out of 1200. I had played very, very few hands and every time I was called I had trips or better. I was playing very tight, solid poker and was hitting hands. So when I look down and see AA, in mid position and there is a raiser in first position I think, rerasie him All In and just take it down. But he decides to call my All In with 88 and of course he hits an 8 to give him a set and knocks me out. It was shocking bad play and seems to be that I keep running up against lucky morons. I’m just an unlucky moron.

Interesting ha? Pass me the Jameson.

The final thing I’m gonna vent about is the state of the financial world. Do you realise that the central banks of the world are all privately owned companies that lend money to our governments? They do this and of course charge interest. Most countries on our little planet are being run by the banks, not the governments. Does this not scare people?? We are paying extortionate taxes to give private companies wealth. It is the biggest ruse ever. The common person is the most ignorant fucker out there. The politicians are all in co hoots as they are being paid off. The mainstream media are all owned by off shoots of the same mother companies. WE ARE ALL BEING RIPPED OFF AND CONTROLLED LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. If you do nothing else over the next week or so take a look at the following and especially The world is fucked up and we are pig ignorant of what is going on up above. I mean, did you know that the Federal Reserve Bank of America is actually owned by the Bank of England? It is so absurd and incredible that you may think it all to be untrue. But there is a serious problem in our world today.

Are you ready to be part of the revolution? Part of the solution?

Get me some top shelf brandy. Seriously.

I swear to you that it is taking the utmost not to go on the razz right now. I really feel like drinking straight top shelf spirits. But where would it get me? Crying like a bitch into my drink at six in the morning, remorseful and repentant and vowing to make changes, yet forgetting everything I’d have said. Fuck the gargle, fuck the banks, fuck death.

7 thoughts on “Pain in my ring”

  1. My love going your way! What’s the line? ” We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars” You have your very own star and not many of us can say that! Tabhair aire duit fhéin agus do do réailtín aláinn

  2. well well well…thats some ventin alrite!! You know that the solution to your troubles lies in silence. Meditate my friend, simply focus on your breath, in and out..set a timer of 5 or 7 minutes if you start.. when thoughts come just say silently, “not now”..then go back to focusing on your breath. Your giving and receiving mechanisms are off balance.
    your ability to face troubles without crutches is being tested. Sure how would you know you were making progress if you didnt get tested eh. You have no choice but to be with the frustrations and watch them and release them. fairplay to you sean..tisnt easy dealing with life without the veil. I had a full bottle of wine to myself last night to maintain the veil, and all i got out of it was a headache today and some more blubber somewhere..
    What you focus on you create…so worry not about the banker wankers..karma gets everyone and everything in the end. Have you tried archery? do you surf? what about gettin involved in a youth group..troubled teens who need a strong male mentor/guide, youd be great at that, ive always thought. So anyway..keep on keepin on cantius, everything is happening exactly as it supposed to, you dont need to know why sometimes.
    Inhale, exhale, and all is well.
    Inhale, exhale, and all is well.
    I mean V !!! : )

  3. jesus coz ! uv got to take up another hobby 4 a start,then fuck the poker and try sports betting,and as 4 the banks fuck them 2 ! in fact fuck them all and have a cigar !!!

  4. Hey Cully/V
    It was a bit of a tirade alright…I’ve been doing a lot of reading about the banks and there is a massive culture under our own which runs everything and I am finding it difficult to ignore it – Karma is all well and good, but people also need to take action. All I will do is raise awareness (and blow up a few things!) The general population is so ignorant and dumbed down that we need massive enlightenment to open up peoples minds. Anyways…..
    I will consider your advice about helping the young kids – I can at least influence their perceptions and turn them into new age warriors!!!
    Inhale exhale and ll is well
    Inhale exhale and all is well

  5. welcome to the world of the shit sandwich my friend…….. some people take there’s on white bread some like to jazz there’s up with pickles and chutney some like to fool them selves into believing its fucking nutella or peanut butter ……..but u can always smell the shit even if you cant taste it….thats just the way of the sambo… monty pyton sang life’s a piece of shit when you look at it life’s a laugh death’s a joke its true……………

  6. Cuz
    Very wise words indeed – ALthough I just put $100 on the even money favourite in a race and he’s still running! Can you get me a refund?? I think I’ll have to join gamblers anonymous too! In fact, I think I’ll just have that cigar and jump off the SYdney Harbour Bridge. It’d mae life a lot easier!

  7. Dec
    Do those sandwiches come in a mould flavour? Can you grill ’em? I’ve seen you make some killer sambos in your day and I can honestly say I never tasted the shit. But you’re teling me it was there all this time? Fuckin hell…what can I say. I was wondering what that savoury aftertaste of corn was – so that’s the sick stench of life ha? Bugger me it’s almost enough to turn a man to the drink. I’d murder a pint with your good self now me ould mucker….


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