Seasons Greetings from the Sober Paddy

I have been staying away from Sober Paddy for the last few weeks. My sobriety is good. In fact I will be sober for almost 3 years officially this Christmas. The blog has been going for the same amount of time and I have to say that starting this blog changed my life. If it were not for my public accountability I am sure I would have fallen off the wagon. If you were ever thinking about changing your life and going public, check out this great course starting at the end of January.

I have been really busy filming various projects here in Mexico. It is an amazing country and we are thinking of coming back here to live in the long term. It has everything you could want and is relatively cheap. It has been great to meet so many cool people doing great things for the poor and the marginalised here and throughout Central America. We are going to San Francisco for a few months where I will be knuckling down and editing. Fun times ahead! You can check out all our videos to date on our new website

On a different note I have been working hard on my poker game. I have signed up for various training, coaching and have read a few more books. My game was good but I have really turned a corner over the last few months. I have gone from an inconsistent lunatic to a steady winner. If you are ever going to take a turn in poker, trading or any type of gambling I highly recommend a book called “Trading in The Zone”. It works on your mentality and attitudes towards making correct decisions when money is involved.

I am considering blogging a bit more about poker as I am keen to share my thoughts. Is anyone even remotely interested? I am finding that after a while there is only so much you can say about sobriety! Get sober, stay sober and go do other things. Simple really. For me at least. I have beaten the daemons which used to send me over the edge and there is not much more to be said. I take it one day at a time and to be honest, I can say that I feel great being a sober person. We are a different breed.

I will sign off by wishing everyone a Happy Christmas. I will be taking it easy with the wife in the most populous city on the planet. I hope everyone enjoys time with loved ones and that there are thoughts spared for those who have less than we do.

Ho Ho Ho.

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