Slaughterhouse Death

Growing old is a permanent thing. There is nothing to do except to prepare for the inevitable onslaught of Mother Nature. The ravaging beast of noxious Time allows none to escape.

And yes you can prepare. You can slow it down. You can diet and train and exercise your intellect and body. You can go organic, veggie or full on vegan. You can eat the sweetest of the sweet meats and gulp vitamins galore.

You can give up the drink, take up the drugs and switch to low gi. You can give up the drugs, take up the drink and switch to high gi. You may circle around yourself a hundred times or more, figuring out the best which way to wander.

And what will come to pass? Death. No more and no less.

There will be no trumpets blaring, no chisel jawed hunks or svelte teenage sirens bleary eyed from all nights crying. There will be no angels gathered, no halting of world economy and no graceless old ladies doubled o’er in convulsed regret.

No. Death will come. It will sweep you away. It will take you down the black steeped path and dump you in a pile of earth. You will leave the bodily world and be forever a memory in your loved ones hearts.

There is no escaping. You can pray to your Gods, your devils and your idols and they may give you relief. But after relief always comes reality. And reality bites. It chomps down hard and snaps your spinal cord. It leaves you somewhere where we know not is.

What happens then? After death?

Who knows?

People can postulate all they want, but no one knows. You can believe all you want and have faith in all you want, but there is no known truth to death…only that there is an absence of this world.

Old age creeps up like a ninja. It gets you when you least expect it. I still think I am young yet I am now closer to 40 than any other number. Old age is a sneaky shite.

You know you are old when you ask your little 12 year old Chinese brother in law does he use Facebook and he replies “only old people use Facebook”.


Old people?

Is that what I am, an old person who is not hip to the max?

Probably. Probably so. That’s where we’re all heading.

We’re flowing down the quaggy mash of inevitable decline. I have just returned from four nights rolling down a river on a cruise liner with around 100 retirees. They are the sweetest and most chilled people imaginable.

They are losing sight, limbs, hearing and taste buds but they are happy in their lot. They are curious, friendly and have no inhibitions. They have spent decades and half centuries with lovers and friends. They know that Time is coming calling soon. But that’s ok. They will enjoy every moment they have.

Cue the preach

Live life to the max

Make a difference

Be bold and inspirational

Love more

Help people

Death will come for you before you know it. Watch out. Don’t waste away doing things you don’t love.

Life is too short.

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