Sober Paddy Interview on Phantom FM

Along with the recent burst of activity in the world of newspapers, I was also contacted by the lovely Alison Curtis from Phantom FM and did an interview with her last week. The following is the recording. I have to say I love telling my story now, although I was a little bit worried when I recently got in touch with my mother after all the publicity about my drink and drug binging.

Me – Well Mam, I hope you weren’t too upset or shocked about what I came out with in the papers and on the radio.
The mother – Yerra shocked son? it would take a lot more than that to shock your mother…although when I did run into Mary [not her real name] I did have some explaining to do
Mary – Is it true all that stuff John was saying? Or was he making it up for the newspapers. I mean, all them drugs? Like, what is hash anyway? Was it just to sell his story?
The mother – Ah Mary, sure they’re all at it. I’m sure one or two of yours have tried them drugs too now to be honest with ya
Mary – Ah Jesus, don’t be saying that. Are you not worried about him?
The mother – Ah now Mary, why would I be worried about him now and him off traveling the world with his wife

So the coast is clear back home and all that can come out of this will be good. Have had some great messages from around the world lately and I have to say it means a lot. There are some big plans afoot (whatever that means!)

Sober Paddy interview on Phantom FM by mrlennyman

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  1. Fair play Lenny……Snitch! Heh heh heh heh!! nah good on you brother. Great to see you doing amazin stuff. Are you in Cuba? Did yous make it thorugh the storm ok?? Drop your old buddy a line when you can.

    • Howiayh Hos
      Lucky I didn’t name you as one of the chief culprits in me drinkin sessions over the years!! All good in Cubu- far away from the ravages..will email you when I get back
      The Snitch!


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