Song of the Gamblin’ Man

On the train together

Me and you

My sweet daemon

Heading to a distant land

Me and you

Oh to freedom

Shifty hand

You reappear

When I least need you

Shifting sands

Are always near

To what we do

Days go by

Then months and years

You never call my name

Then you tap

Upon my back

And life is not the same

I live

In fear

Of alley way Kings

I live

To clear

These evil things

Shunned you stab

Me inside

My sweet weakness

Stunned I grabbed

But lost my pride

With all its teakness

I’d rather be

At home

Drawing pictures

I’d rather be


Reading scriptures

It’s the devils touch

The devils

It’s a lesson learnt

Too easily

Too easily

I’m wearing out my wishes

My nine lives



Hidden are my goals

Desperation’s all I know

My world is all a glow

With true tears

True tears

You’ll never miss the whiskey till the bottle runs dry

You’ll never risk being risky till you’ve got a reason why

You’ll never know what’s coming till it spits you in the eye

You better grab someone you love and make sure not to lie

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