Stop the press, the Bishops have spoken

What a relief. I thought we would have to wait until after Christmas to hear their worldly opinion. In case you missed it, the Bishops of Ireland have made a timely comment on the topic of same sex marriage. For those of you out of the loop, the people of Ireland are holding a referendum on the matter in 2015.

What, I hear you ask, did the bishops have to say? Well, the esteemed Bishops essentially said that same sex marriage is an affront to life as we know it. Well, life as they know it. It would be a “grave injustice”.

Bishop Liam Mc Daid told reporters “To put any other view of marriage on the same level as Christian marriage would be a disservice to society rather than a service.”

Really? Christians are the dogs bollox and every else a lesser? So Bishop Mc Daid, is my Non-Christian marriage a disservice to society? Is that what you are telling us? I am bamboozled.


I mean, who takes these old men seriously anymore?

They have no young priests, no finger on any pulse (unless it is underage, male and wearing an altar boy costume) and are caught in a struggle to retell the story of countless thousands who suffered at the hands of their abusive masters over the last few centuries in Ireland.

They have made it nigh on impossible to leave the Catholic Church, even if you want to. (Check out this great piece written by Irish Journalist JP O’Malley) They are fudging the numbers. They are hanging on for dear life.

Here are my thoughts on all marriage. Once two consenting adults want to formally legalise their union in the eyes of the public and the world, then they have free will and should be permitted to do it. End of story. There are no permutations. There are no barriers to this. People who are in love should be allowed to do what they want once they are not harming others.

There should be no debate on this. It is not a question of traditions or societal norms or family values. It is a question of freedom and rights. Gay people have the same rights as black people. Chinese people have the same rights as lesbians. White people have the same rights as Eskimos. The list goes on.

My point is we are all just individuals…nothing more, nothing less. We all have the same rights as any other individual. That is it. There is no debate.

The bishops show the bigotry that exists in their eyes: We are all equal, but some are more equal than others…if they believe in the “Christian” God.

There is a change of feeling in the air in Ireland. I sense it now more than ever. The Catholic Church and their repressive teachings are the remains of an old era. They are vestiges of a malignant, putrid landscape when the average Paddy feared for what the Catholic “God” had in store for him if he didn’t repent his sins.

God, if he does exist, will welcome you to the afterlife with open arms if you are a good person. You don’t need to follow the insanities of this cult in order to be spiritual or make a difference. You do not need to listen to this group of archaic, regressive weirdos in order to make decisions in life.

Or maybe you should…listen, and then do the opposite!

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