What about the pub?

Now, if you have come to this website and are trying to give up drinking, one of the first pieces of advice I would have for you is DON’T GO TO THE PUB.

If you have decided that you want to cut down, reduce or eliminate your alcohol intake, then the simple first step is this – NO PUB

It seems simple. I know lots of people like me who think they need to change their alcohol habits, but who don’t believe they are alcoholics. My life gets messy with drinking, mistakes are made and I always regret things afterwards. I also get unfit and lazy. But, I don’t believe I am an alcoholic. Not in the terms the AA would have you believe.

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100% Guaranteed Foolproof Hangover Cure

 I have suffered many hangovers. Years of alcohol consumption has given me knowledge of guaranteed remedies to the multitude of hangovers I have suffered. Lots of people will tell you they can cure a hangover with a particular drink or cure one with a certain type of food. My Option 2 is the complete cure. It is guaranteed to work. Just call me the Doc. It is the definitive answer to your stomach, head and mind. Follow it, and in the future, you will not fear the dreaded hangover…

There are two foolproof ways to cure a hangover.

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Ten Reasons why you should not drink

I find myself staring into the mirror this morning, analysing my appearance and physical condition. I look pretty good, tired and saggy round the eyes, but good nonetheless. I find myself thinking about why I don’t drink anymore, but also trying to really understand why I did for so long without ever really questioning my motivation

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