Talking it up down Bondi Way


In this video blog I talk about the passing of my friend Siobhan O’Neill, my brother in law Ethan and the state of the world economy due to the banking systems

7 thoughts on “Talking it up down Bondi Way”

  1. Wow, very serious food for thought and good reason to be frustrated about the misallocation of funds. So sorry to hear about your young friend in Ireland and brother in law.

    Good timing before Christmas and New Year to do some introspection and connect the personal with the ‘systemic’ or political. We can use our sphere of influence to make positive changes… and then, how do we stay on course for the rest of the year? Another discussion for another day.

  2. Ulrike
    Thanks for your comments – Christmas and the New Year are great times to feed with people with a new sense of hope and change. It’s really important that evryone takes a small step in a positive, more equal direction. The opportunity to do good is massive and the potential to create a great new Age of Enlightened living is massive – We all have to keep stepping along the right path…

    Sherrif – gerrup!

  3. Sorry for your grief Paddy. Big ups to you for handling it all sober.You’re so right- the economy is a nonsense.Like how come US gets to print money (fiscal easing) while Ireland has to withdraw it (austerity measures), to solve the same problem? I call it “the emperors new clothes” but have faith the masses will see the naked truth and a new world order will emerge..A very happy holiday to you. Go safely.

  4. Back in ireland for a few days, eh….I hope that you ‘ll enjoy the stay. I’m really, really sorry for the passing of Siobhan, i knew her and she was an exceptional person. Give Deco a huge hug. Sorry for your brother-in-law too…hard times….what can you do? Life is a struggle!! Well, i’m always here for you. I’m glad you are over the drinking stage. Is brea liom John!

  5. Death is difficult to cope with. I lost my father earlier this year (he was only 60), and it still hasn’t really hit. I never wanted to drink once though. When I was drinking I’d use people’s deaths as an excuse to get drunk – I’d hijack the misery to make it about me.

    Enjoy your trip back to Ireland. I sort of envy you.

  6. I feel like I’ve come across a brother from another mother, and I look forward to reading the rest of your stuff and viewing your blogs. Sorry for your troubles, by the way. “The seed in your heart shall blossom…”

    As a 38 year old alcoholic Paddy living in Thailand I haven’t touched a drop in over two years and never will again, but I hear your sentiment re wishing to toast people and involve yourself in a session, but knowing you can’t go back down that road. It’s a hard auld station as they say.

    Fair play on mentioning the Federal reserve as well – the greatest scam ever pulled on this planet that has us all f**ed. People need to be educated about this … and Americans, the Irish …whoever … need to take back control of the supply of their own currencies. It was no coincidence Britain didn’t want to join the Euro, The Bank of England wouldn’t let their own country be scammed like that. Everybody should watch “America: Freedom To Fascism” by Aaron Russo (R.I.P) and then get their friends to watch it, and then ask their friends to do the same. We need to make moves now, and democratically repeal things like the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 , reprint the Punt etc.

    Meyer Amschel Rothschild once said: “Give me control of a nation’s currency and I care not who makes its laws.”

    Take her handy bud, keep it up and keep her lit.
    Fight the power, long live the revolution.


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