The Dubs and Perspective

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  1. as you said theres not much else that can give you such an eruption of
    passion and energy on such a deep level as the dubs and sport (we wont get into the other obvious’s)
    especially when you get that community feeling that your not just doing it for yourself, you’ve got other people depending on you, working as a team, which can also be drawn to comparisons to a “on the wagon buddy”
    if you have a connection with someone/people you also have a responsibility to your awareness of your own personal space, and how i can affect those you have the connection with,
    life can shift “i dont want to let them down” as oppossed to
    “sure i’ll do it just this once, it’ll be grand” a hint of lying to yourself???
    and back to the point i was originally going to make,
    you mentioned what fabulous people you have been staying with and how they have given you some insight into personal develepment.
    i have some thoughts on this, does it take more mental strength to
    pull yourself out of the depths of life and to rise above it and be a
    better person for the knowledge that that experience has given you ??
    (i try not to regret anything in my life as it made me who i am today,
    whatever it was, has given me the experience so i know what to chose
    next time, as they say in sport, you have to lose a final to win a
    final!! )
    does it give you a wider spectrum of experience of life to have experienced the deep depths and the highs of life.
    does this make you a better person?
    does this make you a worse person?
    no, it just makes you YOU,
    no better, no worse, just an individual life that has evolved !!!
    i do have the utmost respect for people that have pulled themselves
    back from the brink of destruction.
    i believe wisdom comes with age, age gives experiences, diversity of
    experiences gives you differential perspectives on life, differential
    perspectives of life creates an open mind, and open mind is full of
    wisdom, and wisdom comes with age.
    life is full of experiences and one thing that it has thought me is
    that just when you think you have fucked up
    “shit man, now i’m in trouble with her, i shouldnt have tried pushing
    it into that hole….”
    lesson learned, dont try on her rings too small for your finger ; )
    i’ve found that something good always comes out of it in the end,
    either just the experience and knowledge gained from the experience or
    something else down the line, it got me to where i am, so theres no
    point stressing too much about it as its done, and the stress will get
    you nowhere,
    “when you come to a Y junction, take it”
    you can only go one way, so go whichever way you choose so enjoy the
    heck, strut your way down that road while singing “stayin’ alive” ha ha ha,
    dont have any negative feelings about what you have done as that will
    just rot you from the inside out, take the positives from it,
    “fill your life with positivity and you’ll always be happy”

    i truely believe in evolving as a person, once you open yourself up to
    the mindframe of evolving as a person there is no limits to your life,
    no limits to your happiness, no limits to your contentment, live a
    limitless life!!!

    personal development as you said is the key,
    “once you take the first step the staircase will show itself”
    i’m sure some goji munching monk up in the himalayas came up with that doozie of a saying, ha ha..
    once you start on the journey of personal development and take a few
    steps you’ll realise the difference in who you are (in whatever way
    you are) and who you can become, granted there’ll be a few hairpins,
    cul de sacs, chicanes and dead ends on that journey, but just put it
    down to “i’m taking the scenic route”
    even if you think back to who you were 5 years ago, it probably makes
    you smile and laugh at some of the things you thought, so just to
    think of who you can be in twenty years time should illuminate up a
    casm of possibilites to your consciousness.
    i think few people can quantemfy the true potential happiness we as
    people can have, but alas with anything worthwhile it aint easy, but
    we all have the mental strength to be whatever we want to be, just we have to find the key to unleash the beast from within,
    a fabulous way to nourish that broad chested beastly beast is
    hours of inspirational talks up there with yourself lennyman….

    i think that everybody that has an issue with something in their life
    has a tipping point (a fabulous book on a side note)
    in which they know that something isnt right, i know i’ve had a few
    for various reasons, like when i was younger i used to get blotto as i
    had no confidence and the oul vodka blackcurrants were a liberation
    from the chains of self doubt, but alas, catch 22, did it make it any
    better ?? hell no, it made it much worse as you knew deep inside i
    couldnt have confidence without them… which only extenuates the
    problem, until there was a tipping point, which at the time was a kick
    in the nuts, but looking back it was an eye opener, going back to what
    i said earlier “i’ve found that something good comes out of it” try
    telling me that at the time though, ha ha ha….

    i wrote this after another tipping point

    “at first i took offence , but then realised that it was true.
    and after that when i went home i started to try and learn and make
    myself better in that area, i wanted to learn new things,
    i learned a hell of alot about life in the process, the main thing is
    that you have to be happy with yourself first otherwise you´ll just
    project your own insecurities onto other people and any relationship,
    to be cool and content in yourself is priceless, nobody can truely
    tell you that what it feel likes, cause everyones different,
    one of the ways as you said is to write down who your are, what you
    want to be, how can you get there, and who can help you, surround
    yourself with people that will get you there,
    surround yourself with people that will give you positive energy,
    if you fill your life full of positive energy you cannot be anything but happy
    you only ever have yourself to answer to, nobody else, its only you
    who judges you, you might say that you have to answer to somebody or
    that your afraid to disappoint somebody else
    that was you projecting your own disappointment in yourself onto me,
    you were insecure about yourself,
    learn from that , take the positive that you did it ,
    now you know that you did it and now you know what not to do,
    just like sex the first time, bit messy trying to get it in but you
    learn how to glide her in after a few tries…”

    heres a phrase i made for you that intertwines your passion for poker
    and a saying that was up on the bathroom wall in your parents house

    “to win big in love you’ve gotta go ALL IN at some stage”

    have a stupendously splendiferous afternoon….

  2. Ger
    man – I don’t know where to start with this!! You are doing some serious thinking and talking in your old age. I think we all get to a stage where we want something better than the norm. Or something which we feel would suit us more – the more I think about it the more I know that we create our destiny. We have free will and can determine our own futures. We do that as best we know – for some of us we need to learn more.

    I definitely did have to travel down one road to get on the other. It is true that you are on your own journey these days my friend. Keep on learning and improving as you go. You have great things to say and I think you should investigate getting your own forum to describe your world view.

    The world needs more lunatics like yourself and meself spreading bullshit free positivity!

    Hope you have a great one

  3. I don’t really keep up with GAA. I’m from Dublin though, so it is good to hear that they won.

    I agree that a break away from the usual routine can give perspective. I also think that this ‘quit drinking’ buddy is a great idea. Only you know if you really want to walk away from the booze for good. I can tell that life without drink can really be fantastic. My life has completely turned around since given up. I once ended up begging on the streets of London, but now I’m living my dreams in Thailand.

    Good luck you sober Paddy

  4. i’m doing some serious thinking in my old age??
    just you wait till i get my rockin chair, smoking jacket, and tweed elbowed jacket,
    those socretes, tolstoy and einstein fellows wont have a patch on me, ha ha ha,
    i do believe it has been said that this frivolously expansive thinking would make a good brother-in-law …….
    “I think we all get to a stage where we want something better than the norm. Or something which we feel would suit us more ”
    jesus i think you were never in the “norm” bracket so “something which we feel would suit us more” i think captures the essense of the lining on your cloud,

    my mind does happen to be a minefield of thoughts and perspectives that does happen to illuminate up my life in the quest of answering WHY……

    to have a forum to express it could be opening a can of worms there no lenny…

    its true we do make our own destiny in the sense,
    but on the otherhand there is no destiny, as the word destiny paraphrases that there is something already in store for you, something already set in stone,
    doesnt that take away the freedom of choice if you think that every decision you make has already been chosen for you and you are just living a comicbook life that the end has already been written,
    or destiny is limitless, the exponential possibilities of outcomes of every choice you make would give a maths whizz a headache,
    so life is limitless, your happiness is limitless, and with every choice you make is another step down that road at the Y junction until the next one,
    just remember to keep strutting!!!!

    everything you do you had an input into it, we make the choices that guide us on our rocket ship through the galaxy of life….
    so your the master of your universe……

    go on you space kadet ya…….

    ha ha….

    come on the dubs, gonna be hitting the oul sod for the all ireland final to witness the dubs lift sam after a dispicable drought…..

    positive thinking is the only way forward!!!

    peace out dude….

  5. Ger your some boyo, I always thought it was Conny who had the gift of talking crap but you also have the gift my son – In fairness you seem to have a much better grasp of English and you can type but the waffle is so so similar my head is hurting – I feel like I need a drink after reading all your post’s. I hope Lenny isn’t feeling the same urge or we’ll have to bar you from the website !! Take it easy you deep thinking snow boarding freak and ill see ya soon for a nice fresh glass of ribeena !!

  6. Ha ha Collins Wafler

    I’m struggling with the daemons after reading all this alright! Off to the boozer with me…jager bombs and pints to be swallowed to deal with all the warbling….

    Destiny is only a word – we can do whatever we want and get any result we want in life…we just have to believe and make it happen. Don’t want to come across as too spiritual because I’m not – I just think that too many people don’t think about what the fuck they’re doing for this 80 years or so we have in life. If you get really drunk, stoned or meditate and ask yourself – WHAT THE FUCK DO I WANT TO DO? you will get some great answers. The only thing next is to go ahead and do it.

    UP the DUBS!!!!!

  7. well the connie fella never actually stops talking so you just never got to hear my long overdue waffling,
    could also be said its been dormant and this could be my release…..
    but better take it easy or i’ll be barred….
    ha ha ha…

    you just gotta go after what you desire,
    whatever the fuck it is, just do it……

    come on the dubs…….
    better fucking win as i’m home for the final!!!!

    tell you what i’ll let you have the ribena
    and i’ll have the johnnie walker gold label……….

    ; )


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