The Soft Word of The New Year

A really naff way to start this blog would be to make excuses for not blogging more regularly while I was away. I managed just one little video when I was in Dublin. I had aspirations of interviewing Christy Moore, Paul Mc Grath and Tommy Tiernan. All came to nothing. It is quite difficult to get in touch with the rich and famous and even when you do, they’re generally not too keen to get involved with low life loafers like meself. I did get onto Tommy Tiernans agent, who is his wife I think.  This is how the conversation went. My phone rings…

Me – Hello

Tommy’s Agent Yvone (TAY) – Eh hello, I have a missed call from this number

Me – ah yes I was looking to speak to Tommy please

TAY – How did you get my mobile number?

Me – Eh, I called a landline from his website

TAY – Well, what do you want anyway?

Me – I run a website called and I was wondering if Tommy would like to share his experiences with me and my audience. It’d be a really quick chat about his non drinking habits..

TAY – I have to stop you there because Tommy…is back on the booze

Me – Oh

TAY – I’m afraid so, so Tommy will be of no help to you

Big schuttery ballbag I thought to myself. The crackpot Tiernan is back suppin’ porter. My efforts to get in touch with Christy Moore were destroyed by Sony Ireland not having their phone’s turned on, at all, from 23rd Dec until the 10th of Jan when I left. I tried every day. They must be earning a pretty penny them boys and girls to be able to stay so closed.

My secondary notion was to get involved in some protesting. Get my curly noggin outside Leinster House and throw some rotten spuds at Brian Cowens turnip head. But of course they were all on holidays too. And to be honest, I’m sure Cowens big Potato munching mouth could swallow them whole from any distance. And be Jesus I got sucked right into a nice relaxed pattern of doing nothing except for scoffin’ grub and hanging out with family and friends.

 It is incredibly easy to get lulled into the same old same old. I found that most people are angry at the government, but are jaded with the blame game. There is a distinct desire to move on, dump the banks and invigorate the country. That’s all that is needed. Ireland is alive with industrious, creative people. It might be feicin freezing and bleak in winter, but it’s a nation full of beautiful people.

There was no real pressure on me at all to drink. Most people don’t care anymore. A lot of my friends are not bothered whether you do drink or don’t, or smoke 50 ciggies a day or not. It’s the way you are that people care about. Once you can have the craic then all is good. Looking out my window at the sunshine here in Bondi, I feel blessed to be sober and alive. Gay and all as it might sound, I’m loving life and this new year is a great opportunity to take on the planet.

Revolt inside your mind and your heart.

6 thoughts on “The Soft Word of The New Year”

  1. A lovely post, Sober – I can call you Sober, can’t I – ’twas a pity your plans went awry but it did give you time to lax out with the family……and that can’t be a bad thing.
    Enjoy 2011, I’m sure you’ll go on to bigger and better things!

  2. good stuff lenny- I heard you met my brother Colm at Christmas- was gutted I missed you- maybe next Christmas- keep going with the blog- some great articles. Happy New Year to you.

  3. John,
    You can call me whatever you like, but sober will do! Cheers for the wishes and I hope you come up with some other new way of tackling the world in 2011.

    Thanks for the thoughts nad I hope you have a great one this year too.

    Glad you’re enjoying it. Met Colm at a 5 a side – it was like the commentary from a glorious Nessans team of Old….”Murphy pickes it up and passes to Bennis, Bennis looks up and picks out Leonard with a delightful pass, Leonard now turns and runs at the defence…he sees Murphy making a run down the left, he slips it to him, and Murphy first time passes back to Bennis who blasts the ball to the back of the net..” Not quite Micheal O Heir, but you can picture it I’m sure…

    Happy New Year too and lets hope we all do revolt!

  4. Hey there mister!

    I am so jealous that people got loads of time to spend with you over Christmas! I was up in Donegal and was pretty much snowed in. It was absolutely brilliant as I got time to hang out with the family for my last Christmas as a single lady. I really look forward to meeting yourself and Serena in the near future. so sorry that it didn’t work out at Christmas. Anyway my lovely, keep writing and being your wonderful you! I hope the new year brings lots of adventures for yourself and Serena!


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