Useful Websites

The first website I would like to look at is Hello Sunday Morning

This is a great website which is gathering great momentum with a younger generation. It was set up to allow people to chart their experiences with giving up alcohol. There is a great community which questions the way our society is formed on the basis of alcohol consumption. People take up a blogging post and stay off the drink for a few months at a time – video blogging, writing about their revelations. It is a great place to try and experiment with a short term sober existence – discover why you drink and if it really is for you.

Another more obvious website is Alcoholics Anonymous

This group is probably the most renowned of all the ones which help people with booze problems. Personally I don’t believe in some of their 12 steps, but that’s not to say that I won’t join them at some stage in the future. Everyone is different and dealing with addiction is a unique experience. What you will find is a massive, worldwide support network – it is a global phenomenon with real people who will have struggled as much or as little as you have. They are definately with checking out, no matter what your level of alcohlism

The next one is a guy I bumped into online available at

Paul is an Irish man who lives in Thailand now who spent time in a Thai monastery to get himself off the drink. He has lots of great audio stories and has links to his book which is a great story about how a down and out drunk turned his life around. I would really recommend having a look at some of his posts which track his struggle.

There are a mass of sober forums online, but the one which I really got some benfit from is Sober Recovery

This is a forum where you can speak to thousands of other alcoholics and drug addicts. You can share your feelings, your dark thoughts and your hopes for the future. There are thousands of people interacting and supporting each other all the time. If you are serious about giving up the drink, then this is a great starting point

This is another great website to look at called Alcohol Substance Abuse Prevention Programme (ASAP)

This is a great website which features some of the intercounty stars of Irish GAA talking a little about helping people who might have problems with drugs or alcohol. There is some good solid advice, some great links and a simple test which gives you a good indication as to whether you could have a problem with drink or not. Great to the GAA coming up with initiatives like this and lets hope it gathers momentum.

If you are looking for something a little lighter in heart and topic, check out

This is a really enjoyable read and it charts the world of Irishman Eddie Stapleton as he wanders round the world.

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