Viva La Revolution

Where do I begin? My absence from blogging has been caused by number of reasons. I have been searching for some information on the interweb. I have been disseminating. I have been scouring the globe for news about the revolution. You see, there are many hands and feet getting involved now. They are all walking together and they are going in the same direction. I am part of this revolution in a verysmall way. I am part of it because I want it to happen. I am part of it because I will speak about it. I am part of it because I want to do something about it. I am part of it because I know that it has to happen.

What is the problem in the world? Well it starts with central banks. They give out money for free to their buddies in the big banks who then charge the poor twats like us to borrow it. The governments in power throughout most parts of the globe also borrow money from these central banks. And because they owe them so much, they use their army’s to protect the vested interests of the big banks. The governments use all our taxes to service the debts they owe these banks and pay for the armies. The big commercial banks then lend absolutely shit loads of money to everyone, heaping them into debt and taking ownership of them. The big corporations are in cahoots with banks and love to take their money and use it to build big cheap factories in third world countries. They then sell this useless overpriced garbage back to the consumers who are drip marketed from a very young age to understand that “To be happy, you must consume – if you feel sad, then you do not have enough money – go borrow some and buy something”.

Now there was a time when the armies and the cops fought for some kind of political idealism, be it communism or democracy for the rights of the individual. Nowadays they defend the system at the expense of the individual. The system you will notice, is not about individuals. Corporations are given the same value as people. This is enshrined in law. The system has been warped and blended and turned into something which does not resemble free democratic society anymore. The biggest trick the devil pulled was convincing the world that he didn’t exist. The armies are paid for by the governments, who borrow the money off the banks to pay for them, who in turn charge the honest John Citizen to pay for them. They market the armies as being that which can bring “freedom” to the world. They engrain the war idea into the minds of kids and youths and adults through the use of video games and popular “hero” war movies. Our minds are entrenched in the fabric of battle subconsciously and overtly…relentlessly.

We get up and go to work. We get home and eat and watch TV. We assimilate the adverts, news and programmes and go back to work the next day and talk about what we did. We do this for a week and then on Friday we all skip down to the pub and drink. While drinking we talk about work, home, TV, the news and food. We talk about sex and get all drunk and blurry. We wake up over the weekend and feel a little rough and go for a run. We go shopping for some of those new tops we wanted. We go out for dinner and then have some wine and another bottle and then go to a club. We score some coke and hit the cointreau red bulls. Late at night we rant obscenely about our favourite ads on TV. We dance to the latest dance tunes. We collapse and wake up at home on Sunday evening just in time to watch our favourite weekly shows. We hit the hay, wake up and do it all over again. Hit repeat. Hit enter. Hit repeat. Hit the calculator. Times fifty two. Times your adult age. Bracket under 18 minus alcohol bracket. Times two.

I was waxing lyrical to my wife about how I think the current Occupy Wall Street is in fact a tool of the Elites. Not that I would think it if someone else hadn’t told me to think it – but thinking it I still am. She sort of looked at me after I blurbed about how it has been organised as a deep rooted counter-counter-revolutionary strike. It is being set up so that people are seen to be angry at the bankers and the individuals who work on Wall Street. It is set up to get the mainstream population angry at the corporations involved and it is set up to condition people into thinking that government reform and refreshing the banking regulations will make a difference. It is set up so you will ignore the one big Jabba the hut empire state Jupiter on steroids ever expanding monster haemorrhoid problem of them all – CENTRAL BANKS. This is where my wife looked at me and said…well, at least they’re out there doing something.

I’ve got to admit that being sober gives me time to think instead of drink. It also gives me time to act. Today I called the Reserve Bank of Australia to ask them where they get their money. The girl on the phone couldn’t tell me even though she was working in the media department of the RBA. It seems like a simple question doesn’t it. I mean, they give money to the governments. So where did they get it. Did they win it, borrow it or earn it? Are there any other options? Well there is one – they can print it out there in their big dirty printing presses out of thin, fucking air. This is my first action here in Australia. It might seem a little gay, but it is the first step. It’s going to be a long road, but now it begins.

2 thoughts on “Viva La Revolution”

  1. Thanks Paddy, very thought provoking post.
    I recall watching ‘Commanding Heights” in 2002 and being quite shocked to realize that the most traded commodity had moved on from guns and pharmaceuticals to retirement funds. We didn’t have a compulsory retirement scheme in NZ at the time but I could see how such a huge amount of guaranteed income had traders rubbing their reckless hands in glee,

    Quote from a placard I saw on FB earlier ‘one day the poor will have nothing left to eat but the rich’

    all the best


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