Wake Up

Livin on a warm floor
Gettin no bed sores
Taking time from drinkin
Tryin to do some thinkin
Livin in the slow lane
Recession turns us all the same
Governments are panicking
Candlelights are flickering

Wake up now and see somehow
That the only thing you ever need
Is keeping sweet the hand that feeds

Tired of drinkin coffee
That burnt sienna melody
Charmin off my underpants
Lookin for a little dance
Up against a dark girl
Her wicked tongue and long curls
She could be the one for me
My wanderlust it disagrees

Wake up boy, life’s not a toy
You’re dreamin all your life away
Think of tomorrow not today

Plungin in the sea waves
Terrorism marks our days
Buy a car, drive it far
Don’t believe the false praise
Take a whistle blow it loud
If you’re a steamer sing it proud
Don’t forget your parents too
They thought the same things you do

Wake up please I’m on my knees
I’m lookin for the antidote
To this insane human disease

Read the paper, throw it out
The words are bullshit don’t you doubt
You’ll understand it less and less
Don’t buy into the machine mess
Go help the poor in Africa
Tell some stories to your Ma
Ride the bus write a song
Someday someone will sing along

Wake up hey, before you’re grey
If you think your life is misery
You should try to be me

Up late, a clean slate
Leave your troubles at the gate
Take a pill, take two
Step up on my blue shoes
Get a job, get fired
Stay sober, get wired
Laugh a lot, tell a joke
Go for a jog, then have a smoke

Wake up soon, before you mushroom
Into a sad and lonely one
Go get laid and have some fun

Walk on, walk quick
Don’t let your mind get sick
Love a man if you can
Don’t turn into an also ran
Back a horse, do a course
Philosophise with no remorse
Be sure and be strong
Make mistakes, we’re all wrong
Tell your girl she looks hot
Or someone else will take your spot
Live free and live well
Fear Heaven, not Hell

Wake up while, you still can smile
You can sleep through all the thunder
When you’re six feet under

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