How to be Sober around Drunk People

Attitudes are changing ever so slowly towards the sober person. I see it here first hand in my home town of Dublin. More and more people are looking for non alcoholic beers. Mid Strength beers are available in more pubs than you would think. Sober people are slowly but surely infiltrating the pubs of the world…

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The Irish Down Under

I know them. The Irish Down Under. They work hard and they drink hard too. More often than not there is nothing but fun and merriment. More often than not, nay a drop of harm comes by anyone. The long weeks deserve a long session to unwind and release. What is the point in all work and no play?

I served time in many pubs in Australia…Serving beers, drinking beers and managing the busiest one of them all in Bondi Junction. I saw many of the lads and lassies on the rip from Friday through Sunday. I saw the best and the worst of them. I encouraged responsible drinking and I turfed out many’s the boy and girl who was schuttered, aggressive or had their fill.

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10 Signs Your Drinking is OUT OF CONTROL but in a good way

1. You begin to enjoy the Blackouts

Blackouts are not for everyone. Some people claim never to experience them. But most of us have forgotten parts of a night at some stage or another. That’s all well and good. The problems arise when you begin to enjoy the complete memory erosion that accompanies your binges.

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Boring Sobriety

Jesus. Bloggers. What a shower we are. With our daily, weekly or otherwise challenges. Point to note: no one gives a monkeys what you do! All these proclamations of this, that and the other. Read the news – no one cares!

Except for the fans of course. And the people who want to be bloggers. And your mother, if she remembers you still have the blog.

So my challenge this year is to write once a week for Sober Paddy, twice a week for Five Point Five and some guest blogs for other sites thrown in. On top of that there is the book I am working on which requires 3,000 words per week. Ahem.

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Here comes the shame la la la la……

After weeks writing about my true loves of the GAA and Global Warming, I return this week to muse upon alcohol. The great thing about alcohol is that it is only a problem for a small percentage of any population.

Most people enjoy a few drinks once or twice a week at best. Some enjoy an odd session every month. Some have a glass or two of wine with dinner most evenings and help the heart circulate the blood.

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The Zen of Sobriety

Cravings come along. They pass. In minutes they become a memory. Relieved that you can breathe, you sigh. You think to yourself. You stay calm.

Doubts filter in. You imagine they do at least. They swirl in your head. They probe your new assumptions for yourself. Harass you for as long as you listen.

Then you doubt no more. They pass on.

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