Help A Brother Out

It is hard to keep writing here on Sober Paddy with all the moving I’ve been doing. I just got to Ecuador today and love it. High up in the mountains in the centre of the globe. Mad how short of breath you get at altitude. Mad how unfit you get as you stop training and hit your late thirties. Mad how you think things are mad when there are perfectly rational explanations.

So I got through Colombia and not one FARC rebel did I see. Had a few offers of the ould devils dust but I turned them down – I know what happens at the end of my binges and it’s not pretty. I turn into a paranoid, semi insane lunatic. I am bad enough when I’m sober. Well, not really anymore…I have calmed down a lot.

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The Penny Drops

Being a man is not easy. Growing up is tough – there are expectations – to provide, to be strong, to be athletic, to be good with the ladies and to be a success. There are norms – drink hard, play hard, work hard and be hard. It is difficult to hit all the nails on the all the heads.

As life progresses and you find yourself away from the path you envisaged for yourself, you might find yourself drinking harder and playing harder than you should. You may not even notice it – slowly you forget about that dream you had as a kid or a teenager.

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St. Patricks Day me arse!

My brother asked me what I was doing on this St. Patricks Day and I think he was taken aback by my violent repugnance of the day.

It is coming up to that time of year again – everyone goes green and guzzles gallons of Guinness. Time for my all new tirade against celebrating this sham of a day. Are you ready? Here goes…

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Moby on Sobriety

Found this really intersting short video interview with Moby talking about his story of sobriety. Pretty easy watching.

How we confuse drink and drugs with self expression and confidence.

Ahh. Just a quick thought for those scanning through and looking for a quick titbit of information. Drinking and taking drugs does not give you confidence. Neither do they give you an ability to express yourself. They make you THINK that you have confidence. They let you BELIEVE that you are more able to self express.

There is nothing worse than somone who is pumped up on juice and thinks they are Hugh Heffner in a Ferrari. Behind the

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30 things which indicate you may have a drink or drug problem

1. You go for 4 years straight without more than a 2 day break from drinking or doing drugs

2. You drunkenly fall onto a pint glass which breaks three inches deep into your back missing your spine and kidneys by millimeters

3. You drink drive for 5 months with no helmet on a moped around the most dangerous island in Greece

4. You try to take on 8 guys who have just glassed you and stabbed you in the neck outside a pub in Dublin before running for your life

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