Interview with Irish Comedian Rory O’Hanlon

I love funny comedians and Rory O’Hanlon is up there. He has a frank and observational style which highlights the absurdities of life in a refreshing and hilarious way. He is a funny guy and I recommend you get to see him at some stage.

Interview With Billy Connolly

So I sit down with the wife at a café in a small seaside town called Tulum in Mexico. The café is nice and busy with a band playing local music. We sit down looking out to the street. A high globe of sun pours its heat onto planet Earth. I order a coffee and a juice.

As I look around an old wild looking American man I had said hello to earlier walks past. He is wearing short

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Interview with Alexander “Assassinato” Fitzgerald

Really pleased to bring you a great interview with poker pro and online poker legend Alexander “Assassinato” Fitzgerald. He talks about his battles to overcome his daemons and how it has affected his life. His is a really compelling and inspiring story. Enjoy the read.

1. Who are you and what you do?

I am a professional poker player. I run a consulting company for professional poker players. We currently have 300+ clients.

I have been in this business since I was 18-years-old. I’m recognized as one of the better educators and writers within my field. My work is widely published and I have a number of speaking engagements each month. I’ve visited 40 different countries and lived in three different continents. I’ve been on television on four different continents. I’ve earned $3,000,000 in my lifetime from poker tournaments. Four times in my life I have made over $100,000 in one day.

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Sober Paddy Interview on Phantom FM

Along with the recent burst of activity in the world of newspapers, I was also contacted by the lovely Alison Curtis from Phantom FM and did an interview with her last week. The following is the recording. I have to say I love telling my story now, although I was a little bit worried when I recently got in touch with my mother after all the publicity about my drink and drug binging.

Me – Well Mam, I hope you weren’t too upset or shocked about what I came out with in the papers and on the radio.

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Interview with The Sober Paddy

I have been struggling lately to write anything for Sober Paddy. There is no electric prose blasting from the page. I am a field mouse hiding in a field of burnt corn on the cob. I am the head of a hiding turtle when the sharks are shooming by. I am a Donegal forward, trapped by the masochistic restrictions of a system that works insofar as it stops others from working. I am Prometheus with the rain pishing down on him in Connemara with no flint, no matches and not even a glint in my eye. I am a forty something woman messed up with years of IV treatment and not a kid to be seen. I am an alcoholic whose head is being turned by the saucy satin panties worn by the svelte bottle of Pinot Noir in the kitchen.

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Interview with Irish musican/actor/comedian Aindrias de Staic

  In this interview I chat with Irish musician/comedian Aindrias de Staic about his relationship with the booze. We talk about how his life has changed since he has given grog the kick and we get his take on all things creative and a little about his show “Anround the World on 80 quid”.