Winter Wine Tasting and Wejuvenation

I do a little bit of a waffly blog about wine tasting and rejuvenation. I splutter a few times and it’s almost worth the watch just to hear the drivel dribble out!

Looting, Larger and the Leftovers

Here’s a video where I am talking about the distractions which are in place to take our attention away from the way our society is run – if you have the time check out and

Keep busy or face the consequences

In this video blog I chat briefly about the need to keep busy. I also touch on the theory that after 21 days of repeating something, it becomes habit. If you can repeat good habits, you’ll progress and can improve yourself to infinity and beyond…  

Belated Christmas Video Blog

Here I’m chatting in Dublin Bay about Christmas at home and how it is for me – beautiful to be back in Irelnd for a white Christmas

Talking it up down Bondi Way

  In this video blog I talk about the passing of my friend Siobhan O’Neill, my brother in law Ethan and the state of the world economy due to the banking systems


I chat here about how I am “feeling” – a very important part of the modern mans existence – What about that curl in the centre of my mallet?