Today is the Day

Ah the New Year. It comes around so soon….so many memories from the last and dreams for the current. What will happen? Who will win? How will I do? It is impossible to know the future, but you can prepare for success. And shit loads of it.

I saw a recent comment here and some guy said..” this all sounds too much like some ‘life coachery’ stuff which makes me cringe , ( just some thaughts ,fly on the wall stuff , )”.

I freakin’ cringed myself reading that. Is that what I had become? Over the course of 4 years writing here I have shocked, thrilled, disappointed, inspired, saddened, bored and amused – but I never thought someone would take me for a “life coachery” type of guy.

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India, Dublin and the Roosters..with a little bit of booze.

It is not the first time for me to give up drinking. I find myself in the similar position to many smokers over the years – it’s not a problem giving up, it’s staying off the cigarette that’s the stickler. I have tried it in my halcyon days around the turn of the millennium. It wasn’t too difficult as I substituted drink with pills, nicotine and caffeine

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Pain in my ring

I have a pain in my ring. I suppose it could be construed as frustration. I am out of sorts and I can’t really put my finger on it. Well, that’s a bit of a porkie pie, I am angry at a few things. In the past at this stage I would be in the boozer telling all and sundry what I felt. But I won’t give myself the chance to get pissed. So I just try to deal with things as best I can and move on. So what’s eating the Sober Paddy?

The first is

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