One Thousand Days of Travel

Everything is possible - you can dream up whatever you want and do it.

It has been brought to my attention that we have been on the road for over 1,000 days. ONE THOUSAND DAYS! What a weird looking number that is. We left Australia in April 2012 and are still moving. In ten days we leave Ireland and head towards Thailand where we will base ourselves for a few months. We plan to rent an apartment for a month or two and live life in Asia…all the while writing, editing and earning online. [Read more…]

New Year’s Greetings from The Sober Paddy

Losing the plot in Spiddal 2008

Well, tis a new year. A fresh start is upon us and the annual reset for mindsets and habits. We are ready to make changes, to begin again and to live like we have never lived before. It is a rejuvenating time. Even writing the date in January is nice. The first of the first. The second of the first. The fifth of the first. Such a lovely ring to it. [Read more…]

Stop the press, the Bishops have spoken


What a relief. I thought we would have to wait until after Christmas to hear their worldly opinion. In case you missed it, the Bishops of Ireland have made a timely comment on the topic of same sex marriage. For those of you out of the loop, the people of Ireland are holding a referendum on the matter in 2015. [Read more…]

Could you be a creep and not even know it?

Do you make women feel creepy?

This is a blog for all you men over the age of thirty and even some of you a little under. And this is a blog for all you women out there, of all ages. It is a blog about being a creep. Are you one and if so, can you do anything about it? And how do you know if you’re a creep or not? [Read more…]

How to be Sober around Drunk People

Down be an asshole when you go down Sober Street

Attitudes are changing ever so slowly towards the sober person. I see it here first hand in my home town of Dublin. More and more people are looking for non alcoholic beers. Mid Strength beers are available in more pubs than you would think. Sober people are slowly but surely infiltrating the pubs of the world… [Read more…]

Irish Water People Power Protest Video

Tens of thousands gather in front of the GPO

We made a video last weekend to show the people who took to the streets to protest against the privatisation of Irish Water. It was an incredible day and I would guess easily over 100,000 people were there. This is the kind of shit you get up to when you stop drinking for a while. You stop worrying about the gargle and worrying about other things. Personally I love it. And I love to see the people of Ireland finally galvanising themselves and standing up to the corporate bankers who are calling the shots. [Read more…]