Sober in Havana

Ok I am pushing out a new idea here. I wrote a load of poems in Cuba and I am going to put them together with some nice pretty pictures and put them together in an eBook. Hope to then have that here on the site for one and all to purchase??? Is that possible? Would somone pay .99c for 20 poems and pictures written by me? Who knows..but there is only on way to find out.

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Beautiful Thoughts

This post is a little random today. I include it because my sister Ellen quoted me a poem I wrote, which she sent back to me last week when I was feeling down. I was really touched by this and it cheered me up no end. The essence of the poem is that life is a mess, turns out in a way you never considered possible, but also that no matter what happens you have to stay positive and look at the bright side. We all have a dance to dance and a reason

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Wake Up

Livin on a warm floor
Gettin no bed sores
Taking time from drinkin
Tryin to do some thinkin
Livin in the slow lane
Recession turns us all the same
Governments are panicking
Candlelights are flickering

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Its cold inside this heart of mine

When drink and drugs are taken

Its not a place for lovely days

When good habits are forsaken

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Only Human

Stock takin

Law makin

Hold my balls they aint goin breakin

Full Fakin

Poise shakin

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